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Is God Incompetent?

A Study of Meaning in Natural Calamity Disaster and Disease

Geoffrey E. L. Bennett

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In an attempt to understand suffering, plagues, volcanic eruptions, disease, disabled children, disasters, chronic pain, war, and human evil. After his father was severely burnt accidentally while undergoing open heart surgery, and his first wife lost part of her brain while undergoing surgery, he researched the ways of God in all this to find out if God is cruel, uncaring, weak, incompetent or does God really exist. The book is three parts. 1. His own and his family's suffering, and how other religions answer the problem. 2. The answers in The Bible, to see if they are meaningful today. 3. Twenty-First Century answers to Natural suffering, Pain, and God, from Geology, Modern Science, Medical knowledge, etc. Is there a spiritual world of Heaven and Hell, is there any answer?



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