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Shaping the Jewish Enlightenment

Solomon Dubno (1738–1813), an Eastern European Maskil

Zuzanna Krzemień

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Drawing from diverse multilingual sources, Krzemień delves into Solomon Dubno's life (1738–1813), unraveling complexities of the Haskalah movement's ties to Eastern European Jewish culture. Dubno, a devout Polish Jew and adept Hebrew grammarian, played a pivotal role in Moses Mendelssohn's endeavor to translate the Bible into German with a modern commentary (Biur). The book explores Dubno's library, mapping the intellectual realm of a Polish Maskil in Western Europe. It assesses his influence on Mendelssohn's project and the reasons behind their divergence. Additionally, it analyzes Dubno's poetry, designed to captivate peers with the Bible's linguistic beauty. The outcome portrays early Haskalah as a polyvocal, polycentric creation shaped by diverse, occasionally conflicting, visions, personalities, and egos.

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Religious Enlightenment, Haskalah Jews, Eastern Europe, Judaism, Jewish history, 18th century Jewish religious poetry, Hebrew, Solomon ben Joel Dubno, 1738-1813, Moses Mendelssohn, 1729-1786