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Livin' Large in Louisiana

A Southern Social Cookbook

Chef Hunter Lee

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This is the second book in the Benwood's Surely Southern three cookbook series. After a leisurely culinary stroll through the South with Chef Hunter Lee in his first cookbook, Louisiana: Recipes of a People, it's time to party down EVERY main street in Louisiana. Pack your bags and don't forget your apron as Chef Hunter Lee takes you on a tantalizing time-hop back to the outlandish parties, events, and holidays that both inspired him and helped make his recipes so special. Hospitality plays a big role in the South and with that comes entertaining, one of Chef Hunter Lee's favorite pass times. Throughout his 15-year career and into retirement he still, like a true southerner, uses these party recipes to entertain and delight his guests. He hopes you will "Have a Large Time" enjoying them and sharing them with friends. Remember, "Treat your kitchen, treat yourself"TM

-Chef Hunter Lee

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