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The Boy From Chile

Jaime H. Fuentes

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This book is about Jaime H. Fuentes, born in the city of Santiago, Chile, a South American country along the Pacific Ocean. It details the everyday occurrences as a child living without the luxuries of having a TV, a telephone, nor the family owning a car, so for fun and entertainment, comic books were rented from a local kiosk, and for transportation, either a taxicab or the local bus was used to go shopping and to visit friends and relatives. But there was never a dull moment as congregating with the kids in the neighborhood playing hide-and-seek and riding go-karts was a lot of fun and their father took them to the stadium almost every weekend to watch their professional soccer team Colo-Colo play.

Once their grandmother made the transition of moving to the United States, their hopes were elevated as they also dreamed of moving to America, but it would take years after their mom followed their grandmother to America for Jaime, his brother, and his sister to finally make it to the United States.

Once in America, he experienced the differences in the schools, the multiple cultures, and being able to afford a color TV set, a telephone, and a car and at the same time adapting to the cold weather including seeing snow coming down for the first time and the struggles in learning the English language and discovering the challenges of dating that includes the drama and the pain and suffering when it does not work out. And finally, this book takes the reader from childhood to adulthood of the author.