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Mica Boyd Johnston

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


"Pawprints may fade, but the memories and love of our furry friends remain forever."

Children tend to have a straightforward and uncomplicated way of living, unburdened by the complexities and responsibilities of adult life. They ride their bikes around the neighborhood. They play ball at the park. They chase each other around the yard. Nothing makes children happier than to play from sunup to sundown with their friends. But what happens when children are forced to move on a regular basis and never develop the bonding required to develop stable childhood relationships?

What started as a happy childhood existence, turned into a roller coaster life with the first move. One simple act meant that a child must now learn how to navigate in an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar surroundings. The range of emotions experienced is overwhelming for someone so young. So overwhelming sometimes, that the child will latch on to a new pet to find comfort and support in a strange new environment. Pets can be a valuable source of comfort and support for children who are experiencing significant life changes.

Brownie was the perfect pet at the perfect time. Brownie provided unconditional love and support during an extremely tumultuous time in the life of a child. Happiness was finally found. That is until Brownie passed away unexpectedly.

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