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Human Beings First

Practices for Empathetic, Expressive Leadership

Paul E Wolfe

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The way we live and work has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and there's no going back. Companies that will thrive in this new era are the ones that will evolve to adopt new ways of working and leading. In Human Beings First, Paul Wolfe reveals eight practices of empathetic, expressive leadership based on this fundamental truth: we are all human beings, first and foremost. We have full lives that can include coping with mental health challenges, caring for sick family members, raising children, and so much more. Leaders who create an environment where individuals feel valued and appreciated - and feel safe bringing their full selves to work - clear the way for their employees' personal and professional success and development.

Wolfe draws upon more than twenty years of experience as a human resources executive at top companies in the world. He presents real-life examples of how leaders can embrace authenticity and foster empathy, trust, and inclusion. Vulnerability is scary because it exposes us, but it's also one of the most powerful tools we can use to shift a relationship. Wolfe shows how leaders can forge deeper connections at work, better understand themselves, and inspire others to be more open and genuine. Effective leadership goes hand in hand with empathy and expression. It's a vast responsibility to be a role model for your organization and your community, but it also reaps infinite rewards.



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