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My Life: Of Faith in God and Divine Interventions

Dr. Anthony Ikechukwu Akubue

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This book is the outcome of the persistent nudging of the Paraclete in the author to shine the light on God's handiwork in his like. It is in keeping with Dr. Anthony Akubue's belief in giving credit to whom credit is due and his conviction not to let the favors of God to him a well-kept secret. You do the right thing when you light a lamp by putting it on a lampstand, not under a bowl or bed, for people to see. The author finds himself breaking down and crying occasionally, being overwhelmed that the Lord God loves a puny sinner like him. What you read in this book about the experiences of divine interventions in the life of the author will leave you in awe and conviction that God truly exists and is omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent. For instance, who was the old woman walking with a staff in hand that warned the author on September 4, 1968, afternoon to leave the site of a market square immediately, after which the market was heavily bombed and many people were slaughtered?