Do What Matters Most, Second Edition

Lead a Life by Design, Not by Default

Steve Shallenberger, Rob Shallenberger

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Regain the balance in your life! Discover the three powerful habits needed to minimize distractions, maximize accomplishments, and find time to do what matters most.

This second edition of a time management bestseller is now updated with 30% new material, including a chapter on sustaining momentum as you develop healthy habits.

Real personal transformation requires both the right mindset and skillset. This book reveals how to adopt both while providing the actionable toolkit necessary for lasting change in your time-prioritizing development.

Drawing on the authors' forty years of leadership research, they offer three powerful habits that that will help people and teams do what matters most. These three high-performance habits are:

  • developing a written personal vision
  • identifying and setting annual roles and goals
  • and consistently doing pre-week planning
People who live these three habits can increase productivity by at least 30 to 50 percent, while reducing stress. For organizations, this means higher profits, happier employees, and increased innovation. For individuals, it means better physical and mental health, stronger relationships, and a greater sense of peace and balance.

By implementing this book's simple and easy-to-understand habits, supported by time management tools like a Personal Productivity Assessment, you will learn how to lead a life by design, not by default-you will feel the power that comes with a sense of control, direction, and purpose.

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