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Broken Promise

Shareka Thomas

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In a world where broken promises prevail, young Courage finds solace in his secret cave, seeking refuge from his absent father's broken commitments...

Is your child struggling to deal with feelings of hurt, disappointment, or abandonment, and you have no idea what to say to them, so you're looking for a children's book to relay this to them in words they can understand?

If yes, this book will gently help your child through these tough times.With his faithful companion, Ted, his trusty stuffed friend, by his side, Courage navigates the challenges of a broken home, dealing with disappointment, abandonment, and the longing for a father's love.

As Courage's first day of school approaches, his father once again shatters his hopes by canceling their plans. Frustrated and heartbroken, Courage confides in Ted, pouring out his deepest emotions. Little does he know that Ted holds a magical secret, ready to unveil his power when Courage needs it the most.

Broken Promises is a captivating tale of friendship and encouragement, inspiring little readers to deal with and come to terms with broken promises and see the brighter side of life.

In this book, readers will learn:

·      How broken promises can make us feel sad and why it's important to keep our word

·      The power of being grateful for what we have and accepting ourselves for who we are

·      How to see the world from a different, more positive perspective

·      To be strong and bounce back when things don't go as planned

·      That family is not just about blood but also the people who care about and support us

·      How to believe in their inner power, uninfluenced by their surroundings

And more!

So if you have a little one struggling to deal with broken promises or are simply looking for a read to help your child see things differently, you will find this book very inspiring. Even if you don't remember any broken promises or your child is not showing signs of frustration or withdrawal, this book will still prove helpful in shifting their perspective about life!



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