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Black Hat/White Hat

Glenn Della-Monica

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


FBI Special Agent Cody Smutters is coordinating the worldwide search for a pair of hitmen who are punishing and humiliating scammers and other cybercriminals. Alec and Lara Cutter are the married pair executing the non-lethal hits at the behest of retired Chicago mobster "Papa" Paul Lenetti. Neither Cody, Alex nor Lara are aware of the government/industrialist conspiracy behind Lenetti.

A whirlwind romance with the beautiful contract psych profiler Dr. Haley Briggs sends Cody into a dangerous nexus of players, and the result is that he has to be read into the conspiracy. He's not invited to join it, but there's a compelling reason for him to know about it. Will he accept it quietly, or will he be compelled to act?

Then, just when he's comfortable with his decision, he is blind-sided by another conspiracy that makes the first one seem trivial. The straight-arrow Cody faces a crisis of conscience that forces him to examine his own beliefs about justice, good and evil. Sanctioned at the highest levels of government, this time he's invited in.



justice, fbi, srong female lead, dark humor, revenge, romance, cybercriminal, hitmen, hit men, mystery, conspiracies, mobster, spammer, conspiracy