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Beyond Beyond

A Chance Encounter, a Digital Courtship, and the Language of Love

Roz Lewy, Ralph Insinger

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You are never too old and it's never too late....

Beyond Beyond is today's version of 84, Charing Cross Road, via months of email correspondence chronicling the joys of living into one’s 80s and beyond.

The unlikely and extraordinary second-chance and real-life love story of Roz and Ralph, both 80-plus years old and living some 1,500 miles apart, Ralph in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Roz in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is told through months of rich email letters that document a common bond of incomparable coincidence, charm, wisdom, and wit.

Roz (a widow of many years and Karen’s and Steve's Mom) and Ralph (a recent widower and Mori’s Dad) invite you to join them on their very special journey…one that may inspire you, your loved ones or friends.

Offered an open-ended ticket and challenged to pursue a new life even in the time of Covid-19, Roz and Ralph could only wonder where their choices would take them "in this last beautiful chapter of our lives. We know in our hearts that we are meant to be together … to blend our separate lives together making us a couple who measure our living moments as our moments," but there was so much to consider.

For the first time ever, most people in the United States are living into their eighties.

This must-read for people in and approaching their eighties, and also for their families, is a multi-generational story of hope. It is an inspirational and uplifting gift to the elders in our lives. Readers, young and old alike will cherish this eye-opening and comforting dialogue as Roz and Ralph broach their pasts, attitudes, interests, secrets, concerns, purposes, and joys that lead them to finding unexpected happiness in their declining years.

With a special ribbon marker, this book will become a treasurable presence on bedside nightstands and bookshelves everywhere.



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