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Green Rush Fever In The Red Hills Of North Florida

Jimmy Jenkins

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Green Rush Fever tells the story about how in the inaugural year of Florida's statewide industrial hemp pilot project Jimmy and his family, as a farming partner participating in the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Industrial Hemp Pilot Project, grew more than 2,000 industrial hemp plants on their farmlands in the Red Hills Region of Northeast Leon County, Florida. None of the colorful characters in the pages of Jimmy's nonfiction book were invented, and not one event was contrived or fabricated. The book discusses his family's humble cottage industry foundation farming and grinding sugarcane into a bittersweet thick syrup, and overall, provides a detailed analysis describing each stage of their hemp cultivation process including the genetics they chose to work with, their efforts in soil preparation and cultivation techniques, and how they ultimately harvested and dried their plants. Green Rush Fever also discusses his family's tradition of having a strong conviction in their faith, and a tenacious belief in the power of having the robust loving support of one's family members. The book reveals many of the issues Jimmy and his family encountered on and off the farm along their Green Rush journey. Jimmy felt it was nigh time to tell this historic and fascinating story about their happenstance encounter with the Green Rush Fever in the Red Hills of North Florida.



Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), industrial hemp, family faith, farming, Florida, Red Hills of Northeast Leon County