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Problem Solved

Simple Habits For Complex Decisions

Sarah K. Ramsey

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Beat Burnout. Less Time Overthinking. More Time Living

Why do some people remain stuck and others continue to move forward faster no matter what obstacles life throws at them? We've all wished we had a map to demystify what to do next either professionally or personally, but despite making 35,000 decisions a day most people don't have a framework for figuring out their next steps.


Clarity is kind. Confusion leaves you vulnerable to stress, burnout, and manipulation. Great boundaries start in your own brain, and clarity of decision making is the ultimate form of self care. Problem Solved: Simple Habits For Complex Decisions will give you the clarity you have been looking for and will teach you easy ways to give the gift of clarity to others. More clarity means fewer problems. More clarity means less complaining. More clarity means more confidence!


As a professional problem solver and relationship specialist, Sarah K. Ramsey reveals practical strategies for mastering your focus, so you can easily sidestep your obstacles to move forward faster. Ramsey uses humor and sincerity to give readers practical tips to deal with the most frustrating professional and personal relationships. Problem Solved provides a system for unraveling complex topics into simple, approachable steps so you can help yourself or help others experience ease and have a life with fewer barriers and more prosperity.


Readers will be inspired and entertained as they learn a framework for easily unraveling knotty problems with quick and painless shifts they can implement immediately.

Learn how to:

●     Use the magic question to get unstuck

●     Develop an easy decision-making system to beat burnout

●     Save time by focusing on problems that have solutions

●     Turn big problems into tiny problems

●     Get past THE obstacle in your life

●     Prevent others from complaining

●     And much more


Problem Solved will reshape the way you think about solving those pesky problems once and for all, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform how you make a decision - whether you are a manager looking to cut down complaining in your workplace, a parent hoping to equip your child to avoid the mistakes you've made, or simply an individual who wishes to go through life knowing what to do, feeling powerful in your ability to make problems smaller so you can create a legacy of successful outcomes.



burnout, leadership, motivation, time management, work culture, habit, personal development