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(Almost) Everybody's Tired

Time to Sleep

Imogene Davis

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


This book within a book will soothe your child, and possibly you, to sleep.

Do you have little ones who are wide awake at bedtime? Then (Almost) Everybody's Tired is exactly what you need. Specially written with calming and tranquil language to lull little ones to sleep, this lyrical, rhyming book is a sweet way to introduce young children to a bedtime routine.

Tommy bear hates going to bed, but he loves it when his grandma reads to him. Wise Grandma bear tells him a story of how different animals, and the world around him go to sleep as night falls.

Chickens go roosting up high

in the sky. Oh my!

Cows moo to the barn,

pigs trot to their sty.

Will the story convince Tommy bear that everyone gets tired and its ok to go to sleep? Read this beautifully illustrated story to find out.



Nature, Horses, twilight, Stars, Tranquility, Bears, Safe, Love, Tired, Calm, Dusk, Bath time, Family, Nighttime, Stories, Rituals, Bedtime, Animals, Skies, Farm, Sleep, Bats, Dreams, Moon, Song