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The Deepest Silence and Other Essays on Contemporary Spirituality

John Roger Barrie

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In this insightful collection of essays, spiritual educator John Roger Barrie explores a broad swath of the contemporary spiritual landscape. He offers down-to-earth solutions for dedicated aspirants of all backgrounds when they navigate the often thorny path of enlightenment.

Drawing on his many years of study and experience, Barrie tackles a wide array of spiritual and interfaith topics. As an ardent advocate of experiential spirituality, he encourages seekers to focus on attaining the goal and cautions them not to get sidetracked. He avoids sugar-coating the rigors of the path and never sidesteps the more challenging aspects of daily spiritual life.

Barrie's unvarnished yet accessible observations, covering diverse facets of the spiritual scene, are thoughtfully and authoritatively articulated. Both practical and inspirational, these wide-ranging essays provide timely reminders to all aspirants of the aims, pitfalls, and joys when walking the spiritual path.



Vedanta, Comparative religion, Interfaith, Finding God, Spiritual enlightenment, Spiritual books, Religion and spirituality, Spiritual teachings