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Greene, Biggs and Graham

2022 Edition

Prof Politiverse

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Belletristik / Comic


"Greene, Biggs and Graham," may evoke memories of a favorite childhood book, but this is not a children's story. It is the story of a character known as Trump-I-Am who is trying to convince the Professor to vote for and support three of his favorite coup co-conspirators (Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, and Lindsey Graham), along with many others who enabled him. Unlike the character who finally tries the green eggs and ham and realizes that he does indeed like them, the Professor refuses and proceeds to take a walk down memory lane of the time since Trump-I-Am came down the Golden Escalator and decides that we don't need more of that. It's a fun read that points out that essentially anyone who is part of the Trumpian Cult, or even simply tried to ride the tiger (looking at you, Mitch), is someone who doesn't deserve your vote.



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