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Kayla Butler

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Centuries ago, he decreed that fae were responsible for the suffering of humans. From then on, all children in Revenali were raised to become his warriors-Arius' - responsible for the elimination of fae from the world; striving to tear down the Veil that separated their realms. Slowly, but surely. 

Lacuna was one of these warriors now. And for her first official mission, she must assassinate a female faerie referred to as Sonai. Seemingly, she's hiding out at a university in Podim, Ohio. Yet upon meeting Sonai, Lacuna begins to realize quite a few things about herself that she never questioned before. Things that not only reshape the meaning behind her existence, but the message that he, Marcus Revenali, left behind as well.



Romance, Magic, Witches, Warriors, Realms, LGBTQ+, YA Fantasy, Dark Magic, Veil, Fae, Faerie, Assassinate, Suffering