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Enduring Wisdom

Words of Hope and Inspiration by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II Her Late Majesty

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Sachbuch / Lexika, Nachschlagewerke


Loved and admired throughout her long lifetime, her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II touched the lives of millions - not least through the speeches that she broadcast to the world each Christmas during her seventy years on the throne.

This treasury of quotations highlights the values that were closest to her heart - courage, empathy, forgiveness, hope, humility, love and respect. These are the values that she encouraged in others and that she hoped would endure in the hearts of all people of goodwill - whatever their religion or race.

Including official portraits of the Queen from each decade of her reign, this anthology pays tribute to a world leader whose grace and wisdom will never die.


1 A special kind of courage
2 People matter
3 Forgive and respect
4 With love in our hearts
5 The wisdom of children
6 Stronger together
7 Hope for tomorrow

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