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Secret of Wealth Creation

Principle lessons on the secrets of building a long lasting wealth

Sir Patrick Bijou

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Have you ever wondered how some people have become rich and wealthy while the mass of people barely scrape a living? What do wealthy people do that most don't? Whatever they are doing, it seems to work. Millionaires have made money because they made the choice to do the things that would bring them money. Becoming wealthy and successful in life is as simple as finding a plan and putting the footwork in. Many people will look for something complicated and never find it and remain poor.If you’re on the verge of taking your path to success and becoming wealthy, then this book is for you. The Author has covered the essence of what is needed on the subject ‘Secret of wealth’. The subject wealth is deep, but the Author has successfully discussed the basic principle lessons on the secrets of building long lasting wealth.This book is a call to action and is for anyone who is ready to ‘go for it’. For professionals, amateur or simply the curious who wants to learn the secrets of wealth. As it’s often said, there’s always a better life waiting for you outside, go get it!



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