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Boardroom Realities

Building Leaders Across Your Board

Jay A. Conger (Hrsg.)

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Praise for Boardroom Realities "Authored by a 'who's who' roster of governance experts,Boardroom Realities covers the latest trends in board leadershipand performance as well as talent management for the board and theC-suite--all critical topics for any director serious aboutboard service today." --Kenneth Daly, president and CEO, National Association ofCorporate Directors "If leadership and effectiveness in the boardroom were importantin a more benign environment, they're absolutely vital in today'stumultuous times. Boardroom Realities provides a modern anddetailed road map to help steer chairmen, CEOs, and boards throughthese uncharted governance waters." --Peter Weinberg, partner, Perella Weinberg Partners "Jay Conger's Boardroom Realities offers a unique perspective ongovernance through leadership, rather than compliance, and shouldcompel all directors to revisit the focus of board deliberations,especially at this time of unprecedented economic and financialturmoil." --Alison A. Winter, cofounder, WomenCorporateDirectors, and acorporate director for Nordstrom, Inc. "Boardroom Realities is a very comprehensive compilation ofuseful insights on key issues that boards must deal with every day.It's an excellent resource for board members as well as members ofmanagement who must work together to ensure good governance onbehalf of shareholders." --Ronald D. Sugar, chairman of the board and CEO, NorthropGrumman Corporation "Jay Conger has collected critical insights and the latestthinking on board leadership from many of today's foremostgovernance thinkers. Boardroom Realities is a must for your boardand for any comprehensive corporate governance library." --Ralph D. Ward, publisher, Boardroom INSIDER, and author, TheNew Boardroom Leaders



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