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Pow! Right Between the Eyes

Profiting from the Power of Surprise

Andy Nulman

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Pow! Radical new methods for reaching jaded, cynicalconsumers Put simply, when it comes to your business, your new idea, evenyourself, this book can be the difference between a "Who cares?"and a "Holy cow!" Business, both big and small, is in desperate need of new waysto inspire bored and cynical consumers who have grown weary of thesame old song and dance. In today's information economy, itdoesn't matter how many people you reach, but how muchattention they pay. And the best way to get attention is with thepowerful, but largely misunderstood, element of surprise. Pow! Enter Andy Nulman with the art of surprise marketing. Anexplosive new outlook, surprise marketing solidifies the bondbetween you and your customers like nothing else, and keeps themcoming back for more by providing a continuous flow of what theynever expected. Pow! Right Between the Eyes reveals thesecrets, theories, and tactics of surprise marketing, and wieldsoutrageous real-world examples (and even more outrageous tools like"The Lubricant to Yes" and "Euphoric Shock") to help expand theboundaries of the extreme and create a bigger bang for biggerprofits. On his quest to unlock the secret of why some things knock yoursocks off and others put you to sleep, Nulman shares insights fromdirector Alfred Hitchcock, designer Philippe Starck, playwrightDavid Mamet, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, Harvardpsychologists, songwriters, bloggers, and even the inventor ofPirate Booty snack chips. And he shows how today's smartestcompanies are winning big with surprises stories like: * How Oprah's shocking announcement that "Everybodygets a car!" sent her Web site traffic up 800% and helped thePontiac G6 outsell its competitors by 20% * How Target earns $7 billion a year in free publicitywith stunts like a floating temporary store in New York'sHudson River or putting on a vertical fashion show where acrobatmodels walked down the side of Rockefeller Center * How Bear Naked Granola reversed the trick-or-treattradition by sending costumed street teams door-to-door to giveaway granola samples on Halloween Andy Nulman is a wildly-successful businessman and even wilderpublic speaker who first learned the power of surprise working withJay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, and many other comedians asthe cofounder and CEO of the Just For Laughs Festival, theworld's largest comedy event. His book shares hilarious andeffective surprise promotions that he himself dreamed up for theevent and in his current position as cofounder, President, and CMOof Airborne Mobile, which brings brands like Maxim,Family Guy, and the NFL to the mobile media world. Don't forget to read the book's two forewords by thelegendary John Cleese and CBS Late Late Show host CraigFerguson. Surprising choices for a business book? Well...whatdid you expect?


). Drawing on 15 years of experience as the CEO of the Just for Laughs Festival, the author emphasizes that the element of surprise is pertinent for anyone trying to sell a product or gain attention for a cause or event. This colorful and enlightening book will engage business readers looking for innovative ways to win without breaking the bank. (Feb.) (Publishers Weekly, December 22, 2008)
In the midst of a recession, Nulman offers a way for marketers, advertisers and entrepreneurs to capture consumer attention by harnessing the power of surprise marketing. Starting with entertaining forewords by comedian John Cleese and talk show host Craig Ferguson, who both understand the necessity of shock and timing in getting laughs, Nulman proceeds to offer (and amuse) with astute insight about how companies can create a bigger bang for their buck by imparting the unexpected in their marketing. Using case studies of ad campaigns, the author describes what successful shocking marketing is (Oprah declaring, "Everybody gets a car," to her studio audience, which sent her Web site's traffic up 800%) and is not (St. Louis using the ubiquitous arch in an ad campaign to portray the city as "surprising"
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