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The Findability Formula

The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing

Heather F. Lutze

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To be successful in business you must be able to attract the rightclients and persuade them to buy. However, on the internet, peopleonly see what the search engines direct them to and the competitionfor those top spots is fierce. So how do you ensure that yourbusiness is front-and-center when prospects are searching forsolutions? The answer is The Findability Formula. The FindabilityFormula is for anyone who wants to improve results from Internetmarketing. The book is specifically written for business owners whoare frustrated with a website that is not showing up in searchresults and not generating business. The Findability Formula willhelp readers understand how prospects and customers search forproducts and services on the Internet, and will show them,step-by-step, how to optimize their findability. The book will be anon-technical guide to effectively building and implementing, fromthe ground up, an Internet search marketing program that getsresults. The reader will learn how paid search works, and how paidand organic search can work together to create optimum webvisibility and reduce paid search costs over time. The basicmessage of the book is that there is a formula for findability andfor converting prospects to purchasers. Readers' Benefits from The Findability Formula: * A complete step-by-step approach to search engine marketingapplicable to any product or service, The Findability Formula willinclude easy-to-follow instruction from chapter to chapter as wellas launch checklists in the appendix. * The most up-to-date search research and statistics available,including uncommon ways to connect with your online buyer. * Shows the reader how to avoid common search marketing mistakesthat cost big money. How to not be bullied and take control ofin-house e-commerce department strategies and SEM agencies. * A small company can compete successfully in search with larger,well-established competitors. How to work smarter to get evenbetter search engine "findability". * Maximizes the reader's investment. The reader won't waste moneyby needlessly paying for "clicks" from customers who have nointention of buying. The investment in this book will be repaidthousands of times over. * Saves time, money and energy in creating in-house searchmarketing programs and properly tracking results by keyword.Negates the need to hire outside SEM agencies

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