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The Credible Company

Communicating with a Skeptical Workforce

Roger D'Aprix

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


In The Credible Company, communication expert Roger D?Aprixprovides a logical and tested strategy to inform skepticalemployees in a time of turbulent change. With information being thelifeblood of today?s intellectual-capital assembly line, D?Aprixexplains, the internal communication task has taken on anunprecedented importance. Drawing on his experience as a corporatecommunication executive and consultant, the author offers apractical prescription for effective communication: INFORMS (as ina communication strategy that informs). Based on the principles ofInformation, Needs on the Job, Face-to-Face Communication,Openness, Research, Marketplace, and Strategy, INFORMS provides awinning formula for those with the insight and motivation to workfor greater credibility within companies and other institutionalorganizations. Throughout the book, D?Aprix provides numerousillustrative examples from his rich consulting experience aslessons in what to do and what not to do in communicating with theworkforce.

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