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Public-Private Partnerships

Managing Risks and Opportunities

Matthias Beck (Hrsg.), Cliff Hardcastle (Hrsg.), Akintola Akintoye (Hrsg.)

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Public Private Partnership is a key issue in the constructionindustry - causing much concern among contractors, fundersand facility managers. Demand has been building for a thoroughanalysis ... This edited book will familiarise both researchers andconstruction professionals working with public private partnerships(PPP) with the issues involved in the planning, implementation andday-to-day management of public private projects. It will show howcurrent risk management methods can help the complex process ofmanaging procurement via such partnerships. The chapters - most authored by a practitioner/academicpartnership - are organised round the concepts of best value anduse the findings of a major research project investigating RiskAssessment and Management in Private Finance Initiative Projects.The analysis of this research will be supplemented withcontributions by leading international experts from Hong Kong,Australia and Singapore, covering hospitals, schools, wastemanagement and housing - to exemplify best practice in PPP-basedprocurement.

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