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A Companion to Charles Dickens

David Paroissien (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


A Companion to Charles Dickens concentrates on thehistorical, ideological, and social forces that definedDickens's world. * Puts Dickens's work into its literary, historical, andsocial contexts * Traces the development of Dickens's career as ajournalist and novelist * Includes original essays by leading Dickensian scholars on eachof Dickens's fifteen novels * Explores a broad range of topics, including criticisms of hisnovels, the use of history and law in his fiction, language, andthe effect of political and social reform * Examines Dickens's legacy and surveys the mass of secondarymaterials that has been generated in response and reverence to hiswriting


(Oxford Journal Clippings, 1 November2012)
"Pykett's chapter is preceded by a rewarding chapteron the literary culture of the day by Michael Hollington andfollowed by the final essay on 'Postcolonial Dickens'.As if to insist that any competition in the Dickens Companionindustry is essentially good-natured, John O. Jordan hascontributed this, rather wonderful, last word to close thebook."
(Notes and Queries, March 2010)
"Several of these pieces should be indispensable reading forundergraduates... Each of the three Companions to Charles Dickensnow available is a valuable resource for students, but Paroissien'sis certainly the richest, and-- with simultaneous electronicpublication- likely to be of most immediate and beneficialassistance to students."
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