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Nursing Care of Children and Young People with Chronic Illness

Lesley Lowes (Hrsg.), Fay Valentine (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Children and young people suffering from long-term conditionsrequire continuing support and nursing care throughout their lives.Nursing Care of Children and Young People with ChronicIllness explores chronic disease management in the context ofrecent developments, including the National Service Framework forChildren. It addresses the aetiology of chronic illness and theimpact on the child's family. It also explores holisticapproaches to caring for their social, physical and psychologicalneeds, and highlights the importance of the nurse's role inpromoting children and their parents as 'expertpatients'. Nursing Care of Children and Young People with ChronicIllness is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for nursingstudents and practitioners on the context, theory and practice ofassessing health needs, and the delivery of holistic care andservices within a variety of care settings, to enable them to meetthe changing needs of children and young people with chronicillnesses and diseases, and their families. * * The first nursing-specific text related to the care of children& young people with chronic illness * * Incorporates case studies & scenarios throughout to enablereaders to gain an understanding of the application of concepts& theories in practice * * Covers care aspects of the child and young person in differentsettings including tertiary, secondary, primary health care and thehome * * Written in the context of the NSF for Children


'This is an invaluable source of information about differingperspectives in chronic illness for those working in primary orsecondary care. It is also recommended for those undertakingpre-qualifying and post-qualifying children's nursing courses. Itis an essential read for practitioners at a reasonableprice.'

Nursing Standard, vol 22, November 2007



Krankenpflege in der Pädiatrie u. Neonatologie, Nursing, Krankenpflege, Nursing Children & Young People