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Older People and Mental Health Nursing

A Handbook of Care

Rebecca Neno (Hrsg.), Barry Aveyard (Hrsg.), Hazel Heath (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Older People and Mental Health Nursing provides anevidence-based guide to caring for the growing number of olderpeople with mental health issues. It focuses on the knowledge andkey skills which practitioners require to work effectively witholder people who have, or are at risk of developing, mental healthneeds. Divided into five sections, Older People and Mental HealthNursing first explores the background, historical perspectivesand influences on mental health care in later life. It then looksat the ethical and legal issues involved, therapeuticrelationships, and the values underpinning support and care. Partthree focuses on aspects which have traditionally been neglected inmental health care, including culture, religion and sexuality. Partfour details specific mental health issues for older people,including delirium, depression, and dementia. The final sectionexplores future trends in older people's mental health andoffers ideas on how nursing is developing, and could develop, toaddress these. * * Offers a practical evidence-based guide to the care of olderpeople with mental health conditions * * Includes thought provoking practice examples throughout * * Contains guidelines for nursing practice & therapeuticinterventions * * Includes case studies and reflective scenarios * * Written by experts in the field


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"This is a good book which is well written and very readable. Itskey success is in the inclusion of aspects of older persons' mentalhealth care which have traditionally been neglected in theliterature." (Journal of Dementia Care, July/August 2008) "A good purchase for those specialising in the nursing of olderpeople." (Primary Health Care) "This is a useful book for student nurses and those wishing togain a fundamental understanding of mental health needs in olderpeople." (Journal of Community Nursing) "Clear, precise and easy to follow...I am reallyinterested in working with the older adult and found this bookgreat to read and full of useful information. This book will begreat reference for now and after I am finished with mytraining." (Daniel Jenks; 3rd year nursingstudent; University of West Scotland)"A good purchase for those specialising in the nursing of older people."
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