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Medication Management in Care of Older People

Maggi Banning

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Medication Management in Care of Older People is anaccessible introduction to medication management and its role inthe management of older people and their medicines. It addresseskey issues in medication management, evaluates professional rolesand clinical practice initiatives and explores healthcare policyand prescribing initiatives. This text explores the biology and neurobiology of ageing,pathological conditions such as Parkinson's andAlzheimer's disease, medication errors, issues ofconcordance, long term conditions and the older person, theprinciples of applied pharmacology and its relationship to olderpeople. Medication Management in Care of Older People willbe of interest to health care professionals who either have aninterest in medication management and older people, or who arequalified independent or supplementary prescribers, and will enablethem to comprehend the principles of applied pharmacology andmedication management to enable them to use this knowledge in theirdaily practice. * Illustrates the current issues, concerns and approaches used tomanage older people and their medicines. * Builds on pertinent current policy and research initiativesincluding the NSF for Older People and 'Building a Safer NHS forPatients: the role of medication safety' * Each chapter features case studies, learning outcomes andimplications for practice "I found this book to be interesting and highly relevantto OT practice. I would recommend this book as a learning resourceto inform, review and support clinical therapy practice.Occupational Therapists could well appreciate many of thecontributory factors relating to medication problems with OlderPeople, using this resource could raise own standards, but alsoassist with reducing the negative impacts of medication issues onolder people." - Sarah Montgomery, A&E OccupationalTherapist and Communications Officer, (COT Specialist Section OlderPeople), London, UK



Geriatric Medicine, Medical Science, Altenpflege, Nursing Older People, Medizin, Krankenpflege, Nursing, Geriatrie