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John Milton

A Short Introduction

Roy Flannagan

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


In this compelling first volume in the Blackwell Introductionsto Literature series, Roy Flannagan, editor of The MiltonQuarterly, provides a readable and uncluttered critical accountof a complicated and sophisticated author, and his poetry andprose. * * Puts John Milton under the microscope, using the still-evolvingcritical perspectives of the last fifty years. * Looks at Milton's life, and the cultural background tohis work, as well as examining his writing. * Considers how and why Milton's work has endured thecenturies to educate, entertain and intrigue so many generations ofreaders. * Ideal for the reader falling in love with Milton's poetryand prose, who longs to know more about what people think about thepoetry, the man or the historical context.


Milton Quarterly
"Flannagan is eminently qualified to explain the greatness ofEnglish poet John Milton - and he's marvelously successful inachieving his goal[...]Fresh, fluent and witty, Flannagan'streatment is thoroughly informed by the insights of currentliterary insights and is rendered without jargon." LibraryJournal <!--end--> "This is historically informed criticism delivered with alight and generally assured touch and, most successfully, Flannaganretains a clear focus on disclosing what is remarkable aboutMilton, what makes him worth the modern readers' attention... Flannagan has produced a helpful, lively - andintelligently illustrated - little book, to which students may withconfidence be directed."
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