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The World's Great Philosophers

Robert L. Arrington (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Allgemeines, Lexika


The World's Great Philosophers provides an introduction toand overview of some of the most profound and influential thinkersin the history of philosophy. * * Presents an introduction to and overview of some of the mostprofound and influential thinkers in the history ofphilosophy. * Contains 40 essays, written by an outstanding internationalassembly of scholars. * Provides cogent and accessible discussion of key philosophersfrom around the world. * Conveys the historical panorama of philosophical thought on thenature of reality, the human condition, and basic humanvalues.


John V. Canfield,University of Toronto
"A wonderful collection of discussions written by majorcommentators on a diverse and wide-ranging set of philosophers. Asuperb sourcebook including helpful bibliographies." MichaelHodges, Vanderbilt University <!--end--> "These expert and accessible essays range very widely, coveringnot only the familiar Anglo-American and Continental figures butthinkers from the Eastern tradition as well. Among the delights ofthe book are the many happy juxtapositions its alphabeticalordering presents. Thus the profound metaphysician Spinoza appearsnext to the profound anti-metaphysician Wittgenstein, and then oneessay later we are given Zhuangzi - more familiarly, ChuangTzu - a sage of an entirely different kind. Altogether afascinating and enlightening collection."
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