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The Impossible Advantage

Winning the Competitive Game by Changing the Rules

Andreas Buchholz, Ned Wiley, Wolfram Wördemann, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Werbung, Marketing


Conventional business strategies tell you that differentiation, theright positioning, and defining your superior edge will turn youinto the 'best player' in your market - but thisis wrong. The Impossible Advantage reveals that success canbe achieved by changing the market in which you operate, ratherthan trying to beat the competition. The authors illustratethat the biggest, most spectacular and groundbreaking businesssuccess stories feature companies that make the rules- instead of just following them. The best companiesseem to know how to break, change, or reinvent the rules of themarket that everyone else follows. This book: * Will help you to break through to an entirely new level ofthinking: winning the game by changing the rules in your ownfavour. * Explains that you don't need a technologicalbreakthrough, product innovation or a massive marketing budget tochange the rules of the competition. * Shows you that you can become a 'game changer' andgain a seemingly 'impossible' advantage even over farlarger competitors, no matter how large your market or how smallyour segment is. * Introduces you to four compelling 'Game ChangingStrategies' that work for managers from any industry orbusiness sector. For more information on The Impossible Advantage, go tothe official website:

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