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UMTS Networks and Beyond

Cornelia Kappler

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


An all-encompassing coverage on UMTS Networks including anin-depth discussion of current work on UMTS evolution and 4G . UMTS Networks and Beyond offers a comprehensiveintroduction to the networking aspects of UMTS and the networkscoming after UMTS. The book is unique in that it systematicallycompares how a particular problem, e.g. obtaining connectivity, issolved in UMTS and how the same problem is solved in a ComputerNetwork such as the Internet. It also highlights why the respectivesolutions are so different. The first part of the book provides a detailed technicaldiscussion of UMTS, including original vision, architecture,protocol stacks and overall functionality. It places UMTS in thecontext of its evolution of from GSM and its convergence withComputer Networks. The second part of the book discussestoday's vision of 4G, and introduces upcoming networkingtechnologies. Emphasis is on LTE / SAE as successor of UMTS; UMB,WiMAX and NGN are also discussed. The book gives an overview ofwhat these technologies are likely to offer, of theirarchitectures, protocols and functionality. It also discusses theirdifferences and similarities, and whether they will qualify as4G. Key Features: * Provides readers, particularly those with a background inIP-based networks, with a technical understanding of what UMTSdoes, how it works and how it is likely to evolve * Explains the differences in design between UMTS Networks andComputer Networks and discusses how these design divergences can bereconciled in the future * Shows how economic considerations shape the design of UMTS * Motivates why particular design choices are made in UMTS * Gives an in-depth introduction to LTE / SAE * Provides a detailed picture of the state of the art in 4G * Illustrates the theory with numerous tables and figures This comprehensive textbook is essential reading for advancedstudents and lecturers in communications systems and networking. Itis also of interest to engineers and researchers in the field ofUMTS and communications systems.

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