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Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Cellular Pathology

Perry Maxwell (Hrsg.), Mary Hannon-Fletcher (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Mikrobiologie


In recent years cellular pathology has become more closely involvedin the direct management of patients with the introduction ofmolecular technologies and targeted therapies. AdvancedTechniques in Diagnostic Cellular Pathology introduces studentsand professionals to these concepts and the key technologies thatare influencing clinical practice today. Each chapter is carefully structured to introduce the verylatest techniques and describe their clinical purpose, principle,method and application in cellular pathology. The advantages ofvarious methods for preparing, observing and demonstrating cellsand tissues employed to assist in diagnosis are explored, inaddition to the use of quantitative methods in the detection anddiagnosis of disease. Supplementary web-based material includingannotated virtual microscope slides is available with the book.This is provided courtesy of i-Path Diagnostics Ltd and can beaccessed online from their website * Describes the very latest, emerging and established molecularaspects of diagnostic pathology. * A clear, focused approach with each chapter containing asummary, a review of basic principles and clinicalapplications. * Includes web-based annotated virtual microscope slides. * Contributions from experienced practitioners contain numerousreal-world examples illustrating the use of different diagnostictechniques, and their clinical relevance Written by a team of experienced practitioners this book willprove invaluable both to postgraduate biomedical science studentswho are training to be cellular pathologists and to professionalsworking in diagnostic and research laboratories as part of theircontinuing professional development.

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