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Applied Sport Psychology

A Case-Based Approach

Brian Hemmings, Tim Holder

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


Taking a refreshingly different approach to the subject, this newtextbook uses original case studies of psychological support workwith individual athletes and groups to illustrate the underlyingtheory and inform the reader of cutting edge practice in the field.It addresses 'real world' issues and helps the studentunderstand the problems and challenges that the sport psychologistfaces and is employed to resolve. The book begins by exploring the use of case studies as aprofessional method for disseminating applied knowledge andpractice in sport psychology. The remaining chapters constitute thecore of the book: the case studies themselves. Each case studydemonstrates scientific rigour in reporting the backgroundinformation, initial assessment, intervention and monitoring,evaluation of the intervention, and also considers consultanteffectiveness through reflective practice. The chapters alsocontain summaries and an accompanying set of questions forstudents. Written by a team of experienced practitioners this book showshow sport psychology actually works in practice. As such it willprove invaluable to students of sport psychology in both sport andexercise science and psychology programmes. It will also be anextremely useful resource for coaches and sports professionalsundergoing training in sport psychology.


(American Psychological Association, Summer2010)
"Overall, the text is a sensibly organized, well referenced andscholarly volume. It blends solid theoretical underpinnings withthe applied practice of psychologists with athletes, teams, andorganizations."
(The Sports Psychologist,December 2009)
"A very welcome addition to sport psychology library.... Greatinsights into the practical challenges and quandaries sportpsychologists are faced with. Its user friendly layout, practicalnature, and detailed real-life experiences of working with athletesin the applied field makes it an enjoyable read not only forstudents, academics, and trainee sport psychologist, but also forrange of sport professionals."
(Dr. Monna Arvinen-Barrow, The Universityof Northampton, 2009)
"Applied Sport Psychology: A Case-Based Approach editedby Brian Hemmings and Tim Holder is without a doubt a verywelcome addition to sport psychology library. I personally couldnot think of better persons to edit such a book, as both authorsare not only exceptional academics, but also highly reputable sportpsychology consultants."
(Jonathan Bint, The Psychologist,2009)
"A strength of the book is the emphasis given to reflectivepractice. The best case-studies, explore evaluations ofintervention(s) and consultant effectiveness in depth anddemonstrate the importance of relationship aspects of consulting.These sections within the book are essential reading for studentsand would likely benefit a far-reaching audience of practicingpsychologists in any field."
(Prof. Ian Maynard, Sport and Exercise PsychologyReview)
"Between them the authors have a wide range of experience,expertise and philosophy. The quite unique combination ofthese attributes in each case study ensures the content of the bookit extremely varied and for that reason stimulating andengrossing."
(Dr. Neil Weston, The Sportand Exercise Scientist (BASES) )
"This publication provides a welcome addition to the sportpsychology literature in moving away from the traditionalresearch/theory/review-style texts and describing what appliedsport psychologists actually do."
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