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Modernist Literature

Challenging Fictions?

Vicki Mahaffey

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This inclusive guide to Modernist literature considers the'high' Modernist writers such as Eliot, Joyce, Poundand Yeats alongside women writers and writers of the HarlemRenaissance. * * Challenges the idea that Modernism was conservative andreactionary. * Relates the modernist impulse to broader cultural andhistorical crises and movements. * Covers a wide range of authors up to the outbreak of World WarII, among them Oscar Wilde, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, LangstonHughes, Samuel Beckett, HD, Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes, and JeanRhys. * Includes coverage of women writers and gay and lesbianwriters.


--David Bradshaw, University of Oxford
"Ambitiously diverse and unsettling, a book that respondsprovocatively to the challenges it poses."
--Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania
"In this sharp, thoughtful and clearly-written book, modernismis not simply a descriptive category pigeon-holing a literaryperiod; it is made both more problematic (as when its ending islinked with the holocaust) and empowering. Boldly redefining thefield, Mahaffey throws a truly original light on the social,political and ethical relevance of main modernist 'chronicles ofdisorder,' showing convincingly how they challenge repressiveauthorities as well as the reader's ingrained passivity."
"This intelligent, strongly argued book reconceives the term'modernist' to mean modern literature that challenges the readerbecause of its originality, complexity, obscurity, or transgressivenature."
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