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Accountability in Nursing and Midwifery

Roger Watson, Stephen Tilley

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Accountability is a key concern for nurses and midwives in the NHStoday. Professional accountability--being responsible for youractions and for the outcomes of these actions--is part of theframework of clinical governance, which aims to provide goodquality, cost-effective, evidence-based care. The second edition of Accountability in Nursing andMidwifery addresses current issues and key concerns inaccountability, focusing on accountability in the four mainbranches of nursing (adult, child, learning disabilities and mentalhealth), as well as in midwifery, community nursing, and nursingmanagement. In an increasingly litigious society, the ethical andlegal implications of accountability are growing and it isimportant that nurses understand the implications for everydaypractice.


'This interesting book would be an ideal reference sourceparticularly for students and post graduate/ registration nursesundertaking professional studies in nursing.'

Journal of Neonatal Nursing

'This book is enjoyable and thought provoking and would be ofuse to alI nurses, particularly those with an interest in clinicalgovernance or those who are wishing to expand their clinicalroles.'

Nursing Standard

''If you are looking for a book with opinions onaccountability, this book is for you... A great reference for thelibrary.'

Journal of Advanced Nursing

"This book has attempted successfully to address the wholeissue of accountability and clinical governance in a truly holisticway... It is a book that is neither simple nor abstruse butsucceeds in placing all the threads together in order to clarifythe truth behing accountability and clinical governance."

Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing



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