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Shakespeare's Sonnets

Dympna Callaghan

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This introduction provides a concise overview of the central issuesand critical responses to Shakespeare's sonnets, looking atthe themes, images, and structure of his work, as well as thesocial and historical circumstances surrounding their creation. * * Explores the biographical mystery of the identities of thecharacters addressed. * Examines the intangible aspects of each sonnet, such aseroticism and imagination. * A helpful appendix offers a summary of each poem withdescriptions of key literary figures.


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"Lucid and engaging in its presentation, wide-ranging in itsscope, and acute in its analyses, this book provides a valuableoverview of Shakespeare's sonnets" Heather Dubrow,University of Wisconsin <!--end--> "Dympna Callaghan provides an informed but most accessible guideto Shakespeare's Sonnets, demystifying and illuminating theseenthralling poems in equal measure. She examines them in relationto the conventions and understandings of their own time, to showhow they continue to speak so powerfully to ours." RichardDutton, Ohio State University "Callaghan makes an enduring contribution to scholarshipon some of the most accomplished yet enigmatic lyric verse in theEnglish language." Choice "It presents the ongoing issues clearly, and takes a stand... .Callaghan's intelligent and concise introduction,demonstrate that ... criticism is not tired at all."
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