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Communications Engineering

Essentials for Computer Scientists and Electrical Engineers

Richard Chia Tung Lee, Jung-Shan Lin, Mao-Ching Chiu, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


Communications technologies increasingly pervade our everydaylives, yet the underlying principles are a mystery to most. Evenamong engineers and technicians, understanding of this complexsubject remains limited. However, there is undeniably a growingneed for all technology disciplines to gain intimate awareness ofhow their fields are affected by a more densely networked world. The computer science field in particular is profoundly affectedby the growing dominance of communications, and computer scientistsmust increasingly engage with electrical engineering concepts. Yetcommunications technology is often perceived as a challengingsubject with a steep learning curve. To address this need, the authors have transformedclassroom-tested materials into this accessible textbook to givereaders an intimate understanding of fundamental communicationsconcepts. Readers are introduced to the key essentials, and eachselected topic is discussed in detail to promote mastery. Engineersand computer scientists will gain an understanding of concepts thatcan be readily applied to their respective fields, as well asprovide the foundation for more advanced study ofcommunications. * Provides a thorough grounding in the basics by focusing onselect key concepts * Clarifies comprehension of the subject via detailed explanationand illustration * Helps develop an intuitive sense of both digital and analogprinciples * Introduces key broadcasting, wireless and wired systems * Helps bridge the knowledge gap between software and electricalengineering * Requires only basic calculus and trigonometry skills * Classroom tested in undergraduate CS and EE programs Communications Engineering by Lee, Chiu, and Lin willgive advanced undergraduates in computer science and beginningstudents of electrical engineering a rounded understanding ofcommunications technologies. The book also serves as a keyintroduction to specialists in industry, or anyone who desires aworking understanding of communications technologies.

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Kommunikationsnetze, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mobile & Wireless Communications, Drahtlose Kommunikation, Elektrotechnik u. Elektronik, Communication Technology - Networks, Kommunikationsnetz