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Inside Ethnography

Researchers Reflect on the Challenges of Reaching Hidden Populations

Miriam Boeri (Hrsg.), Rashi K. Shukla (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


While some books present “ideal” ethnographic field methods, Inside Ethnography shares the realities of fieldwork in action. With a focus on strategies employed with populations at society’s margins, twenty-one contemporary ethnographers examine their cutting-edge work with honesty and introspection, drawing readers into the field to reveal the challenges they have faced.
Representing disciplinary approaches from criminology, sociology, anthropology, public health, business, and social work, and designed explicitly for courses on ethnographic and qualitative methods, crime, deviance, drugs, and urban sociology, the authors portray an evolving methodology that adapts to the conditions of the field while tackling emerging controversies with perceptive sensitivity. Their judicious advice on how to avoid pitfalls and remedy missteps provides unusual insights for practitioners, academics, and undergraduate and graduate students.

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Miriam Boeri



academics, qualitative methods, emerging controversies, judicious advice, urban sociology, honesty, introspection, societys margins, crime, undergraduate students, evolving methodology, sociology, cutting edge work, challenges, public health, anthropology, criminology, graduate students, contemporary ethnographers, business, ethnographic field methods, disciplinary approaches, fieldwork in action, perceptive sensitivity, practitioners, drugs, social work, deviance