The Analogue Idyll

Disconnection, Detox and Departure from the Digital World

Alexander Taylor (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Academics working on topics related to digital disconnection and media nostalgia. There is now a growing number of scholars and research groups working in this area, which is only set to expand as digital technologies continue to become increasingly embedded within our lives and societies. Already ‘disconnection studies’ has been labelled as a distinct field of interdisciplinary research and a number of research projects related to this topic are underway, including ‘Digitox: Intrusive Media, Ambivalent Users and Digital Detox’ led by Trine Syvertsen from the University of Oslo, and ‘Quitting Social Media’ led by Zeena Feldman from King’s College London. The Analogue Idyll will directly appeal to this new area of cultural inquiry. In addition, this book will also be of critical importance to scholars working on topics related to media nostalgia. This area of research has also been growing in recent years, with the International Media and Nostalgia Network (IMNN) launched in 2015. Interest in nostalgia as a key modality of digital culture continues to accelerate, especially among media studies and cultural studies scholars, and Routledge will be publishing the Routledge Handbook of Nostalgia in early 2024.



Pre-digital nostalgia, Offlinism, Zoom fatigue, Unplugging, Digital detox, Disconnection, Analogue technologies, Digital technologies, Rural idyll