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Queen of the North Forest

Book 1 of the Lin Beibei Trilogy

Robb Mason

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


Lin has her life laid out—college, career, husband, child, an apartment in Shanghai—neat, complete and
predictable. That is until she finds herself in ancient Australia leading a messy mob of endangered animals
on a touch-and-go trek to safety. For help she has a large, incontinent wombat, a smart bandicoot, a ravenous
kangaroo, four fierce, fighting birds and Arben, a young man whose spirit and savvy upend Lin’s ideas about
love, life and sacrifice.

'Smart, lively and entertaining. An extraordinary story - part romance, part adventure - the student heroine gets sucked through a space portal to find herself out of her comfort zone and well out of smartphone range in a world of mega-marsupials, some of which want to kill her while others need her help. She survives through resources of
toughness, bravery and imagination she never knew she had - and the help of a young man who steals her heart.’
- Julie Postance, author of Breaking the Sound Barriers

‘Exciting, engrossing and unique. Many Australian stories ‘go bush’, and this one does too; but don’t go looking for squatters or sheep here. The young heroine is dumped into the Aussie bush soon after the arrival of the first people. She finds herself shepherding a herd of larger-than-life creatures toward a mysterious place while fending off unimaginable enemies the like of which she’s never seen.’
- Amanda J Spedding, two-time Australian Shadows Award winner




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