Adam Cesare

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“Sizzling writing and a skin-crawling story make Influencer one of the most addictive horror novels I've read. It's deeply uncomfortable, deeply perceptive, and deliciously fun.”
Darcy Coates, USA Today bestselling author of The Whispering Dead
Follow him or die...

Influencer, by Bram Stoker Award–winning author Adam Cesare, is a tense and timely psychological thriller told from alternating points of view about a teenage girl who begins to suspect the charismatic new kid may in fact be a murderous psychopath. As more and more of her friends fall under his influence, her suspicions begin to come across like jealousy. But is she right? And if so, how much more dangerous would he be toward someone who has discovered his secret?
A new and expanded paperback adaptation of the Audible Original, Influencer explores the dark side of social media and the cult of personalities that flourish there as the teens navigate their own fears about friendship and popularity, culminating in an epic battle of wills that will leave readers breathless.

“What's so scary about Influencer is how possible it is—how likely it feels, and just how convincingly real these characters are. I read a lot of scary stuff, but this is the only book for years to worm its way into my dreams and make me finish the book faster, just so I can maybe sleep again.”
Stephen Graham Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Only Good Indians

Influencer is a real nail-biter of a thriller! Relatable characters, devious plot twists, and a breakneck pace. Highly recommended!”
Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and Long Past Midnight



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