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The Goat

A Natural and Cultural History

Sue Weaver

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Ratgeber / Natur


A richly illustrated introduction to the goat—from livestock to beloved pet

It may come as no surprise that goats are highly intelligent. They are also curious, gentle, independent, social, and full of character. Among the first domesticated animals, goats are increasingly appreciated today as pets and for their adaptability to a wide variety of environmental conditions. The Goat is a comprehensive, illustrated exploration of the natural and cultural history of this important animal. With engaging text, infographics, and diagrams, and some 250 beautiful color photographs, the book offers a wealth of information and insights about the goat’s distinctive biology and place in human culture, from ancient times to today. Chapters on Domestication, Anatomy & Biology, Society & Behavior, Goat Management, and Goats & People are followed by a visually stunning photographic directory to forty-eight popular breeds, with information about each. The Goat will enchant anyone with an interest in, or a love for, these animals.

  • Provides a comprehensive, illustrated introduction to the natural and cultural history of the goat
  • Features clear and engaging text plus infographics, diagrams, and some 250 stunning color photographs
  • Includes chapters on Domestication, Anatomy & Biology, Society & Behavior, Goat Management, and Goats & People, as well as a photographic directory to forty-eight popular breeds

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