Thinking Like a Wolf

Lessons From the Yellowstone Packs

Rick McIntyre

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Book Five in the Award-Winning “Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone” series

“Rick’s writing is so vivid, so powerful, that I feel I have been right there with him among the wolves of Yellowstone.”—Jane Goodall

Following eight major wolf personalities, Thinking Like a Wolf draws on decades of field notes to uncover the challenges and triumphs of Yellowstone’s wolf packs, from the “chief historian of the most famous wolf population in the world” (Washington Post).

In his latest book, award-winning author and renowned wolf researcher, Rick McIntyre, explores the intricate world of wolf behavior in Yellowstone National Park and highlights the individual character traits that allow wolf packs to thrive.

Unveiling power struggles, pack politics, the roles of family protection, inter-pack conflicts, and more, Rick skillfully follows the intricacy of packs and the unique attributes each wolf has. In these true stories, he celebrates the many lessons we can learn from wolf packs and the dynamic personalities that enable them to expand across new territories amidst adversity.

Weaving an impressive web of politics and power, family cooperation and commitment, rivalry and resilience, Thinking Like a Wolf provides readers with a unique window into the fascinating inner workings of wolf packs.

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