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Walking Portland

33 Tours of Stumptown's Funky Neighborhoods, Historic Landmarks, Park Trails, Farmers Markets, and Brewpubs

Becky Ohlsen

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Get to Know Portland’s Vibrant and Historic Neighborhoods

Grab your walking shoes, and become an urban adventurer. Local author Becky Ohlsen guides you through 33 unique walking tours in the city that’s famous for its great beer and for serious dining on a reasonable budget. Portland is home to hidden gardens, historic landmarks, award-winning restaurants, old-school taverns, oddball shops, and edgy warehouse galleries. Each self-guided tour includes full-color photographs, a map, and need-to-know details like distance, difficulty, points of interest, and more.

Stroll past organic coffee shops that line the streets at the foot of an extinct volcano. Swing through an independent bookstore nestled against flavorful food-cart pods. Cross bridges and graveyards. Wander a Smithsonian-honored boulevard. See experiments in urban renewal. You’ll soak up history, stories, and trivia on your way to the best parks, shops, restaurants, and nightlife in Oregon. So find a route that appeals to you, and walk Portland!



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