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Hero The Horse That Rescued Me

Camilla Kattell

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


The first test of Emily Campbell’s young life came the night Black Diamond was born and she had to deliver the foal—alone. She could not know, as she approached her fifteenth birthday, that tragedy was about to strike her family and many challenges would follow. Unexpectedly, her anchor through each trial would be a half-starved rescue horse.

When sudden death changed all Emily’s expectations for her life, she is devastated. She loved working with her father on their ranch and in his adventure outfitter business. Their string of horses and mules were family to her. Now what would happen?

She and her Mother set about making painful alterations in their relationship and their future. As she entered high school Emily knew she would have to study hard to get the grades that would be necessary for college and graduate school. She dreamed of being a horse veterinarian. For her this pressure led to doubts about whether she should consider dating her best friend, Luke. Her after school responsibilities with Hero added to the weight she felt. 

When mysterious encounters and threats led to concerns for her safety she was grounded from many of the activities she loved. Feeling like there was no relief from so many sources of stress, she decided to take things into her own hands to find the answers that the sheriffs failed to find. 

Her faithful rescue horse was a constant stabilizing force for her with his sensible behavior and devotion to her. Her diligent care made possible his comeback to good health. He proved to be her “Hero.”

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