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Race Resilience

Achieving Equity Through Self and Systems Transformation

Victoria E. Romero, Amber N. Warner, Justin Hendrickson, et al.

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Review, rethink, and redesign racial support systems NOW

As schools engage in courageous conversations about how racialization and racial positioning influences thinking, behaviors, and expectations, many educators still lack the resources to start this challenging and personally transformative work. Race Resilience offers guidance to educators who are ready to rethink, review, and redesign their support systems and foster the building blocks of resiliency for staff.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Model ethical, professional, and social-emotional sensitivity
  • Develop, advocate, and enact on a collective culture
  • Maintain a continuously evaluative process for self and school wellness
  • Engage meaningfully with students and their families
  • Improve academic and behavioral outcomes

Race resilient educators work continuously to grow their awareness of how their racial identity impacts their practice. When educators feel they are cared for, have trusting relationships, and are autonomous, they are in a better position to teach and model resilience to their students.

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