Leading Beyond Lean

The Seven Drivers of Productivity

Petter Østbø, Robin Cattermole, Mark Wetherill, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


Three practicing managers with years of experience improving production facilities around the world explain why lean methodology on its own often fails to deliver productivity gains and how a holistic package incorporating safety, employee development, business planning, capital spending, performance management, quality and lean work can together to deliver results.Improving productivity is the holy grail of every site manager. But while three decades of initiatives from Kaizen through TQM to Lean/Six Sigma have all had an impact, the fact remains that a few companies outperform the others.This is often because individual change initiatives address only one aspect of a much more complex problem. What is needed is a holistic productivity system that addresses every aspect of production. To implement a productivity system in practice, you need more than TQM, more that Lean. Based on their experience managing and improving production facilities around the world the authors show how there are seven key elements that combine to create a sustainable productivity system.Leading Beyond Lean explains how these seven elements work together, and how you can set up your own bespoke productivity system, like they did.As practising managers Østbø, Wetherill and Cattermole have used these techniques and procedures to deliver improvements in both in safety and productivity. Helping their sites to become more economically viable, evolving from "problem sites" with uncertain futures into vibrant sites that attract reinvestment and growth. They become cleaner, safer and better organised, and therefore more attractive places to work in. This book will help any company, any site manager, and any production director understand what is needed to set up a lasting productivity system, not in theory, but in practice – and to deliver outstanding results.

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