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Latin American Fiction

A Short Introduction

Phillip Swanson

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This book introduces readers to the evolution of modern fiction inSpanish-speaking Latin America. * Presents Latin American fiction in its cultural and politicalcontexts. * Introduces debates about how to read this literature. * Combines an overview of the evolution of modern Latin Americanfiction with detailed studies of key texts. * Discusses authors such as Mario Vargas Llosa, GabrielGarcía Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges and IsabelAllende. * Covers nation-building narratives, 'modernismo',the New Novel, the Boom, the Post-Boom, Magical Realism, Hispanicfiction in the USA, and more.


The British Bulletin of Publications
"Elegantly written, comprehensive and yet succinct, ProfessorPhilip Swanson's Latin American Fiction: A ShortIntroduction offers a magisterial account of the development ofLatin American fiction ... This is an authoritativeintroduction by the UK's leading expert on the Latin Americannovel." Stephen Hart, University College London <!--end--> "A probing, inquisitive and refreshing approach to LatinAmerican literature, which also takes into account its presence inthe United States." William Luis, VanderbiltUniversity "A good overview that outlines the main movements and the waysin which the genre has evolved that provides a good foundation forthe study of this region's diverse fictional legacy."
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