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The Law and the Midwife

Shirley R. Jones, Rosemary Jenkins

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The second edition of this successful text is an essential andaccessible guide to legal aspects of midwifery for all midwifesupervisors, midwives, and midwifery students. Midwives will findthis book provides them with the knowledge and understanding theyrequire to make sense of the legal principles that affect theirday-to-day work and allay their anxieties, encouraging them toextend and develop their practice safely and with confidence. This new edition includes new and revised case studiesthroughout. It also contains new sections on NHS accountability,the Human Rights Act, the Data Protection Act, reproductivetechnologies and disciplinary pathways. · Relates legal issues to everyday midwifery practice · Written by an experienced midwife for midwives · Accessible, relevant and up-to-date


From reviews of the first edition:
Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology
"The book is written with commendable and enviableclarity... Get this book. Read it. Go back toit."
"I would recommend every midwife to obtain a copy ofone or other of them, both to assist her safe practice and allayfears of ignorance about the law as it refers tomidwifery."
"It is clear that this is a book written by a midwifefor midwives. The examples used being topical, relevant andrecognisable. I found this bookfascinating...."



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